This is What Cheap Solar Does to a Homeowner

This is What Cheap Solar Does to a Homeowner

This is just one of the many examples of distressed customers who flood our inbox weekly.

Some of whom actually requested quotes from us during their initial comparative process but decided to go with another company because of a “cheaper price.”

However, many do not understand what they are sacrificing by doing business with a company based solely on their price. It would be an understatement to say that our 25 Year Premium Protection Plan is a significant differentiating advantage. Moreover, because we are the only company in California that offers this warranty, our customers have complete peace of mind when they trust us with their project. Coupled with our 25 Year Bumper-to-Bumper warranty on all parts and labor, going with GreeMpower should be an easy choice.

Having been in the industry as long as we have, we know exactly the cost of sustaining a successful and profitable business. Unlike many of our industry competitors, we are not just here to make a quick buck only to disappear into the ether a short time later or to continuously re-brand their company in hopes of avoiding their customer responsibilities.

It is understandable to be tempted by a lower price. But what needs to be understood is that with a company that offers a fair-market price you are being protected against future issues that could cost you thousands of dollars.

As referenced above, we are constantly asked to trouble-shoot defective systems installed by companies who are no longer in business. The sad reality is the cost to repair their system can siphon the savings from a customer who went solar for that very reason: to save money. And while we will oblige with a $150 hourly rate plus material costs, our own customers enjoy free service whenever needed.

No company is immune to financial hardships. But those who have constructed their business upon a financially stable foundation are equipped to weather the storm in comparison to companies who cut corners just to get the job.

Below is a compilation of work we’ve seen from said companies:

Wiring Issues

Open wires over roof
Open wire, no conduit
Wiring mess
Wiring not protected
Dangerous wiring
Wires thought tiles
Not a long term cabling solution
Wires tied under panels
Burned wiring
Water damage in isolator
Isolator water damage
Water damage to solar cut off switch
Cut off switch damage
Water entered poorly positioned conduit and directed the water towards solar system cut off switch
Cut off switch burned
Total lack of waterproofing awareness eventually causing inverter failure
Water damage in inverter

Burn Issues

Poor quality isolation box and isolators
Burned switch box
Loose connection causing major meltdown
Connection meltdown
Burned solar panels
Cabeling & inverter connection realised poorly
Poor inverter connection
Rusted tin roof bracket -12 month after install
Rusted bolt in 12 motnhs
Poor workmanship sample - Silicon fixes everything - but only for a few month
Poor workmanship
Poorly installed endclamp will see failure of panel grip in the future
Poorly installed endclamp
Incorrect feet used causing numerous leaks
Incorrect feet connection

Poor Workmanship

Lose panel over array
A bit more silicon with this instalation - poor workmanship
Silicon it is not the solution
Dangerous plug - bottom of inverter
Dangerous inverter plugs
Main Array Earth
Main array earth
Corroding weathered earthing
Corroding weathered earthing
Exposed cabling
Twisted panel
Twisted Panel
Isolator Upside Down
Isolator upside down

Incorrect engineering

Reverse tilt
Panel positioning not adding to the look
Panel positioning
Poor installation positioning causing overshadowing
Overshadowing issues
Poor system positioning
Poor positioning

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