Global benefits of solar energy:

Global benefits of solar energy:

– Less investment during installation: Apart from the initial investment in solar panels, there is no other cost involved in the generation of solar power. The savings made from going off-grid can easily be invested in other projects. This can not only be done by different industries, but also individuals. Commercial solar projects can be profitable for many industries as these ensure the use of solar energy for powering different machines and equipment.

– Power in remote areas: There are many areas like mountains, forests and islands, which do not receive power, owing to their remote location. Solar power is certainly a blessing in disguise for these areas. Remote and rural areas are now taking advantage of power to initiate different development projects in their areas. Consequently, education and medical facilities have increased in these areas by the introduction of solar power.

– Lower power costs: The ever increasing cost of fuel and power has become a big issue for many under-developed and developing countries. The socio-economic condition of people living in these areas is not as per the normal standard. Hence, it becomes imperative to provide these people with cheap power and energy. The governments in these areas look for options, like solar energy, to initiate a better and proper distribution of power. This has also helped these people to grow and develop themselves so that they can erase the economic inequality in the country.

– Power in the hand of the masses: The control of energy and manufacturing is still in the hands of the capitalists, which is increasing the exploitation of the masses. The biggest weapon in the hands of the capitalists is energy and power. Solar energy shifts this power in the hands of the masses as communities and smaller groups can easily go off the power grid.

The benefits of solar energy are ever increasing with different technologies coming up. The research and development of various solar plants will surely create a sense of equality among different economic groups in the world.

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